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April 21, 2013
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Glaceon by All0412 Glaceon by All0412
Glaceon is one of the evolved forms of Eevee. Glaceon Eevee can evolve if exposed front of a mystique icy rock, the rock ice which is in a cold region Sinnoh route, the route 217 and the nut in the region Monte Teselia. When training near it, feel its power Eevee ice and evolves, while its counterpart Leafeon does the same when exposed moss rock face.
Glaceon is an Ice-type Pokémon. Your blood contains antifreeze effect that prevents your body from freezing due to low temperatures. In the wild usually live on top of the snowy mountains where you can spend winters with hardly swallow food whole, thanks to great defense. When you are in warmer zones your body creates an aura that freezes the ground you walk on.

You can make your hair become frozen sharp thorns. It does when in danger. They say his breath is able to freeze an entire lake waters. His two assistants ears, actually function as sensors of hail, because the hail, they shine.

His escape goes up when it starts to hail or snow thanks to its special ability, snowy mantle. Many times this cool looking Pokémon, you can show affection and solidarity to travelers who are lost in the blizzards, guiding them to safety.

Often this Pokémon often comes at enmity with those who invade your hunting area, especially with Absol, since both share habitat and food.

Pokémon is proud and haughty, because of its physical beauty and elegant way to attack her. It is a very good Pokémon for contests, because its beauty and beautiful attacks can make a wonderful show. Glaceon is most sensitive about with Jolteon personality, but unlike electricity, Glaceon is cold in appearance and shows a strong unreal. Despite very cold look is very affectionate with his coach and if this is so good, you will be very loyal and noble
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